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Important Notice


Notice to Public Relating to the Fraudulent Web Content


Macau Fisherman’s Wharf International Investment Limited (the “Company”) would like to alert our customers and members of the general public that recently, it has come to our attention that the names, logos & photo images of our Company, Legend Palace Hotel and Legend Palace Casino have been exploited by fraudulent web content and other social media platforms, a company purported to be named “励宫大数据科技(深圳)有限公司” & “励宫大数据” with company website as “” which have given out misleading information that it is the online gaming platform of Legend Palace Casino and invites the public to open investment accounts and selling “励骏币”.


The Company wishes to clarify that neither the Company nor Mr. David Chow has any connection with the companies named in the fraudulent materials. The Company also wishes to clarify that the Company does not and will not invite customers and general public to participate in any investment, is not responsible for the fraudulent information contained in, nor has it authorised the use of its information in the fraudulent materials.


The ONLY official website of Legend Palace Hotel is


Customers and members of the public are advised to take the utmost care in ensuring that their requests and correspondence are directed to the Company but not to any e-mails, addresses, telephone numbers or fax numbers specified in the fraudulent materials. Should any customer or member of the public encounter any scam website, please contact the local police and contact the company via telephone number at (853) 2822 2211.


The Company reserves its right to bring legal proceedings against the parties responsible for the fraudulent materials.